War Robots is created and published by Pixonic, the most popular Russian game developer.

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This game genre is MMO mode live PvP battles and the game category is Action. As the name suggests, you will be involved with the war robots. You will control a huge robot in the real-time battleground. In this, you are able to choose to be a soloist or co-op with your friends.

The team battles are six players on each side. The game system will add other players on another side if the team is not completed. The live multiplayer system allows you and your friends to hold together as the team and fight against another team. Battles and winning conditions of the game really depend on the quality of the robots.

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It is a freemium game, which you can play for free but you need to pay to reveal certain features. In some cases, it is a paid to win the game. It’s proven by many players who become champions because they have tons of gold and silver to upgrade their robots.

War Robots game is not the solely multiplayer game. You can also try the solo mode when you need to fight against an opponent or the boss. If you win, you will get the gold for free to develop your robots. The thing is that you may need to spend hours to get enough gold to upgrade your robot. We know that game should be our recreation way to rejuvenate. There is no point in wasting hours for the golds and silvers.

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